It’s Vegas Baby

It’s been Las Vegas’ mission to attract visitors by promoting our city as the world’s most desirable destination for leisure and business travel. No other city has been as successful in this endeavor and Taxi Ads Las Vegas takes advantage of this major advertising opportunity.

Vegas-with it’s nearly 43 million annual visitors!

· Leads the country in annual number of visitors
· Nearly 150,000 hotel/motel rooms
· 21,864 conventions and meetings
· Over 6 million convention delegates
· Approximately 17 billion dollars in gaming revenue annually
· Average visitor spends $564.92 on food, shopping & entertainment
· Average stay per visitor is 3.4 nights/4.4 days
· No other city in the U.S. attracts the sheer numbers of tourists in one three mile radius. An outdoor advertisers’ dream.


Las Vegas not only boasts more annual visitors than any other U.S. city (43,000,000), but the local population has bulged to over two million. These types of numbers are indicative of why Las Vegas has emerged as a national market and the reason many Fortune 500 Companies are planning outdoor advertising campaigns …here in Fabulous Las Vegas!

Source: 2017 LVCVA Executive Summary